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Our Time is Not For Sale

Our clients utilize our services to be successful on their behalf. If you're paying an agency based on time, you're incentivizing them to take longer & charge you more.

If It Doesn't Exist, We'll Create It

We're solution oriented. If you have a need, we'll figure out a way to make it happen! We stay up-to-date on industry trends in order to keep you on the cutting-edge.

Strategy First. We Insist

"Ready. Fire. Aim." is no recipe for success. Allowing our team to develop a marketing strategy for your business, you'll have more success, without guessing.

No Hidden Agenda

You'll find working with us to be transparent, open and refreshingly honest. We're an open book.



Brand Engagement that Drives Growth

As a marketing agency with a love for getting our hands dirty, Elite focuses every action on one question: does it grow your business?


A few things we’re great at...

Status quo is easy and comfortable.  Brands can become stuck doing the same things over and over again, expecting greater results. 
We're experts at breaking this cycle of behavior, challenging conventional thinking and showing our clients a better way.

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Creative Services & Branding

Our team develops designs and creative campaigns that will grow your business. Consistency. Consistency. Consistency.

website development

Website Design & Maintenance

Your website impacts almost every aspect of your business' success. We focus on creating well-designed websites that build credibility and trust with your customers.

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Direct Mail

With our excellent printing prices and bulk mail postage discounts, direct mail is very effective when executed with our strategy. Campaigns are personalized and targeted to specific customers.



From directionality and local presence to competitive placement and awareness, branded billboards can help your business stand out

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We spend a lot of time in our cars! Don't miss out on the opportunity to take advantage of this captive audience with efficiency and effectiveness.

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A strong digital presence and strategy is key when it comes to standing out from your competitors. 

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Search Engines

With Organic Website Search delivering 53% of all website traffic, an SEO strategy isn't an option, it's a must. Our SEO formula will help you outshine your competitors, grow your business & skyrocket revenue.

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Promo Products
& Apparel

We purchase from the same companies as 4Imprint and other online retailers, but without the middle man. Anything you can think of, we can get.

video editing

Video Production

Tell your story in video form. We bring your company to life whether it's going on TV or online. We create scroll-stopping content that sells. More companies use video in their marketing campaigns than ever before, it works.

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Event Promotion

Make sure your events are well attended and successful. You focus on the party, while we focus on the exposure!

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Broadcast TV &
Streaming TV

Standing out from your competitors can be difficult, but our team will come up with the right messaging & placing you in the right programming.

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Social Media

Everyone knows Social Media is essential. However, the maintenance can very quickly burden your everyday workflow. We'll make sure you stay present and relevant to your audience.

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Email Marketing & Newsletters

Our strategy is simple, your email marketing should nurture your current leads and help increase them.

Printing Services 2

Printing Services

Whether you're looking to re-brand or freshen up your materials, our team creates & prints materials specific to your business' needs.

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Content Writing

High-impact content for your marketing, website, promotion and messaging needs.  Content writing plays a critical role in how people will understand your message.

elite marketing and media

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Do Your Marketing Services Cost?

That's not how it works with us. We look at every client within their own lens, since every business has its own unique needs and goals. Our services are designed specifically around each client's needs. As a result, it's impossible to give pricing details before we know about your business.  

Whatever your budget is, we'll do our very best to give you the best recommendations. If we think your marketing budget is too low for the results you're expecting, we'll let you know!  

What Marketing Packages Do You Offer?

We don't have pre-built marketing packages. Offering marketing packages means delivering a cookie-cutter approach. It means we're copying and pasting a recipe we've used a million times before and using that to deliver marketing services for you.  

We don't think that's the best way to do things. Neither for us, nor for you.

Erin Kirk

Erin Kirk

Strategic Marketing Consultant

Given her impressive amount of nearly 20 years of media buying and advertising experience, our clients greatly benefit from Erin's wealth of knowledge. Erin's ability to navigate clients to great success is a hallmark of her impressive career in both agency and client-facing roles. Her passion for understanding attitudes and behaviors drives her love for helping clients develop their custom-tailored marketing strategies.

A Little About Erin:

Enneagram Number: 3 

Song You ALWAYS Mess Up the Lyrics to: Band On The Run, by Wings

If You Could Create a New Invention What Would it Be: A robot that can drive around, shop for groceries and buy the ingredients for dinner each day. 


Laura Gates

Strategic Marketing Consultant

When you can draw upon 15+ years of advertising and marketing experience like Laura can, there's virtually no challenge she hasn't faced. Aside from her many years on the agency side, Laura yields experience from some top brands such as Disney, ESPN & Major League Baseball. She brings a much-welcomed balanced perspective to whatever you put in front of her.

A Little About Laura:

Enneagram Number: 8 (The Challenger)

Song You ALWAYS Mess Up the Lyrics to: Africa- by Toto

If You Could Create a New Invention What Would it Be: Something to Wash and Dry my Hair for Me

Molly Elite Marketing Media

Molly Sease

Content & Copyright Specialist  

Molly's intuitive writing skills make her a creative messaging and writing wonder when it comes to crafting content.  Whether it's writing technical information for a new website, or generating sticky social media posts for businesses, Molly's got a knack for making words come to life on any medium. 

A Little About Molly:

Enneagram Number: 9

Song You Always Mess Up the Lyrics to: Blinded By Light- Manfred Mann’s Earth Band

Invention: Teleporting machine so that I dont have to drive so much


Taylor Grones

Digital Marketing Specialist 

Taylor is our in-house data junkie. There's always more to learn in the digital marketing world and that's what intrigues him most. Taylor is measurement-driven and looks at success from an analytical point of view. Which makes sense, due to his experience in designing and executing highly successful digital strategies.

A Little About Taylor:

Enneagram Number: 8 (The Challenger)

Song You ALWAYS Mess Up the Lyrics to: 

If You Could Create a New Invention What Would it Be: I second the teleport idea.  Anything that keeps me from flying in a plane.


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